Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Truth Stranger than Fiction

In another example that true is sometimes stranger than fiction, several of us were once again judges for an English song competition at a nearby jr. hi school. In the past we have judged Christmas carols in December and everything from Michael Jackson songs to the Beetles to the BeeJees in the spring. Today...songs from the Twilight movie series. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just think vampires and werewolves.  And hormone-driven high school students.

New interns Marcy and Abbie particapated, and returning judges Jacklyn and Stephen helped. And of course the Mexican Justin Beiber himself, son Daniel. Although I have to say that Marcy, who has helped teach English at this school for the last several weeks, got more cheers and applause than he did. Barely.

The main English teacher at the school, Claudia, has done a great job with teaching English at this school, and has been helping Marcy get her 72 hours of ESL teaching this summer. They have become good friends!

No, I did not recognize even one song. Abbie did, though she kept saying that she knew the music, but wasn't a fan of the movie series. Right, Abbie. We believe you.

Here's a cultural question for you...what should your response be when a bunch of jr. hi school students who you will likely never see again ask to friend you on Facebook?

Tomorrow...Corinne, Tiffany and Joy show up! Looking forward to meeing them!

Thanks, Stephen P., for the pics.

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