Sunday, June 23, 2013

More than Overnight to Deliver

Had a great time of worship and hearing the Word today.

We did a lot of traveling over the weekend, going up to Querétaro for a scrimmage with Daniel. Good times. On the way up to Ecatepec we saw the wreck below. Pretty wild! Apparently DHL's motto is “Excellence. Simply Delivered”. I suspect that this delivery run won't be so simple! The cost of repairing the damage done to the divider, etc...will be significant. Here in Mexico, if you wreck you are charged for any damage done to the road.

Looking ahead towards Thursday, when three more interns arrive. Sending them to Guadalajara on Friday, and saying goodbye for now to Jack.

Quote of the Day: Christ did not come to establish an institution. His kingdom and his church are meant to be relational and spontaneous movements, not organizations.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 36).

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