Friday, January 04, 2013

The Smoking Mountain!

It can be smoggy and foggy in Mexico City, but if you climb high over 12,000 feet, you can find blue sky!  There must be a lesson to be learned there!

We took our friend Denny up to see Don Goyo, or Popocatepetl, or Popo for short.  The two volcanoes, both over 17,000 ft., are the natural wonders from which this blog derives its name.  Popo is quite active.  If at some point I don't post on the blog for an extended period of time, look for news major volcanic eruptions, and that could be the reason!  The movie Dante's Peak is a favorite movie for us.

The idea was for us to meet up with the Prusia family at La Venta, a recreational area near the summit.  But Darrol had vehicle issues, his fuel pump ceased to can read about that HERE. So after David caught 5 fish within a matter of 5 minutes, we continued our journey over the past to San Nicolas de los Ranchos, then Colula, then on to the Prusia house.  Someone got out the Dominion, so I had to try out some new extensions (new to me), including Seaside and Cornucopia.  I won't mention who won every game, because that would not be humble.

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