Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Expensive Toys

I mentioned a couple of days ago HERE that some things are cheaper in Mexico. Labor-intensive work especially. But some things here are crazy expensive...especially if you take into account that the average Mexican worker earns 3-5 times the minimum wage, which amounts to $15-25 U.S. per day.  Keep in mind that gasoline and milk are comparable in price to the U.S.

Toys are one segment of goods that are expensive.  If you want to buy, for example, a Barbie mansion (California style) it will set you back about $125, a reduced price, mind you, from $149.  Or if you have a son that is into Max Steel, you can get his command center for a cool $78, down from $101.  Buy now...Día de Reyes, or King's Day, is coming soon!  If Santa didn't bring your favorite toy for Christmas, you still have an opportunity on January 6!  Or perhaps you'd like a bicycle.  You better hope that the Kings have between $170-350!

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Dennis said...

It's crazy!!!! We have to import all the toys we buy for our kids.