Monday, January 28, 2013

Faith Saves, Faith Sanctifies

The church is going through the book of Romans, and my chapters are 1,6,7,15 and 16.  Yesterday the text was Romans 6:1-14, really way to much to try to cover in one sermon!  Amazing how long you can be a Christian, how often you can study basic truths, and still continue to learn about the greatest of God´s grace, and the uniqueness of the gospel.  I don´t know if anyone else learned from yesterday's sermon, but I sure did.

Once again a fundamental truth about both justification and sanctification was affirmed in my heart.  In the same way we need faith to trust God for salvation, we need to have faith for our daily walk.  An external, religious orientation simply does not work (Col.2:20-23), although it may appear to have an appearance of piety.  Only a faith-based approach conquers sin. 

We also taught a new song to the congregation, a song that I heard for the first time at RGBI.  It's called "Brillarás" by a Mexican Christian group called Rojo.  Good stuff!  Amazing how quickly the church can learn a new song.  Thanks to Sofía for helping me find the words and music.

Every since I returned from Río Grande January 13, we have not had Internet service.  Well, technically we do...but to access even the simplest of graphics it takes forever.  All of the photos that I've uploaded to this blog in the past two weeks I've done so from other modems.  Frustrating!
Check out Jim Cottrill's post on Saturday about the garage sale and car wash.  We had both our cars washed!  Good job, youth!

Looking for a social cause to really support as a Christian?  Forget gun control.  Chose abortion.  Take a look at this article, My Abortion.  Wow, really honest.

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