Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Brigam, Dave, Charles, Pete, Beth

I was listening to the radio (in Spanish obviously) this morning.  Lopez Obrador, the presidential candidate for the left, is being accused of over-spending during last year's presidential campaign.  He does admit to spending over $18 million, but this amount, it turns out, is a good $7.8 short of the campaign expenditure limit.    Oh...one big clarifying point.  All of these funds in Mexico come from the taxpayer.  Each political party receives a huge amount of money in order to run a "fair"election.  There are three big political parties and several small ones, and Lopez Obrador only represented one on the big parties, and two small ones. Sadly, one of the quickest ways to get rich in Mexico is to be a politician!  So the next time you fill out your tax form and there's a little box inviting you to give $1 to the political process, count your blessings.  In other parts of the world, you don't have a choice!

Looking forward to touch base with Sendero mascot and living legend Brigam Zeihm this week.  The first time we picked up Brigam at the airport, David Gómez and I walked past him several times before deciding this must be the guy.  Brigam is not your typical, um, missionary statesman, but has a good heart and a passion for Mexico, especially Oaxaca.  He's leading a team of men from Buffalo, NY, going to do construction in Oaxaca.  We´ll hopefully be able to enjoy some tacos together Friday night.  Brigam works with Dave Miller in Adventures in Life Ministry.  Check them out via FB.  I'll be meeting Dave soon as well.

We are also excited to have Pete and Beth Gross back south of the border, with us, Lord willing, in March.  Pete and Beth and their four kids served in Puebla the better part of 20 years with Camino.  They hope to bring two couples with them. 

Now...back to algebra with Daniel.  I'm still holding my own...but it´s just a matter of time!  I suspect I will be very happy when Charles Wright (math whiz, board game pariah) gives me a couple days of relief in March also!

Oh, and does anyone want to buy a football helmet!  Daniel is selling them, kinda fun for him, but dear old dad needs to recoup his investment in order to pay the rent!


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