Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Smashing

Yesterday our first full day at Corban began with a great chapel service, the teaching time in charge of Dale Losch, president of Crossworlds. We followed Juaquin, the music leader during the chapel service and a Spanish-speaking Peruvian, to our first classroom participating...a History of Music class. Now, just verbalizing that name of that class tends to make me yawn...but actually the teacher, a Mrs. Cross, was amazing. I did a brief presentation about music in missions at the beginning of the class.

Last night at 10 p.m. in Davidson men's dorm our speaker for the week, Dale, began with a brief presentation on "the call" and then we broke into groups. Good time!

In the meantime, Daniel stayed with the guys at Farrar, the men's dorm where we are living. Apparently every year the dorm has a pumpkin smashing event, where a huge wrestling match takes place on a big tarp, in the midst of pumpkin guts, and, well, it apparently is quite the spectacle. Last night was a prep night for this main event (sometime in Nov.). I came back and found my son...like this! He is having the time of his life here...several people have asked him if he's a college freshman (he's 14), and after thinking that Corban U. was a rather boring place, well, one night of dorm craziness changed his mind!

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