Thursday, October 25, 2012

Corban, Charlie and the Oregon Coast

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be involved in three different classes here, two of them with a music focus and one with a sports focus.  My time with the Corban band and their director Brian Griffiths was particularly fun.

Tonight I'm involved in giving a Bible study to the guys at Farrar.  The study is a 9 p.m., but they told me that they will be watching a segment on TrueTV at 9 p.m., apparently the dorm has won national fame for being in the top 25 pumpkin smashing activities in the U.S.  Pretty wild!  After watching the spot, we'll continue with the study.

Always great to see spiritually focused guys who can have riotously good fun!

On Tuesday we went with friend Charlie, and his wife Jennifer and their three boys to the Oregon coast near Pacific City, to a State Park called Cape Kiwanda.  Charlie worked with us in Iztapalapa for about three years about 10 years ago.  We were remembering when he carried Daniel.  This time, Daniel was carrying his kids! 

While there it really started to rain (as opposed to the drizzle that you can sort of get used to), and we were very cold and very wet!  But it was great...saw a few whales off the coast spouting off.  Nothing some good hot chocolate couldn't remedy...thanks Jennifer!

 It was great catching up with Charlie, and his years in the military, also remembering our ministry experiences together in Mexico.  One quote:  "Rod, I had no idea who difficult it is to have a couple of kids and do life."  Back in the day, we lived on the fifth floor, with no elevator, and had to drag two kids, a guitar, stroller and other assorted items up four flights of stairs.  Not easy!  It was fun watching Charlie and Jennifer love on their 5, 3 and 1 year old boys!

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