Thursday, October 18, 2012

MBI, Corban, Río Grande, video

I'm re-posting a video that co-worker Jim Cottrill created, summarizing the summer internship in 2010.  Good stuff!  Just saw a tweet from Jacklyn Punt (from SD) lamenting the contrast between her cold weather and our 81°F degree high today.  Jacklyn first came for 6 weeks in 2010, then came back for another 4 weeks last summer.

Part of the reason for re-posting this is for a number of MBI students that may visit the blog...people who have asked for additional information on internships and such during last week's conference.

I am working on several different presentations for next week's involvement at Corban U, including classes on music in missions, sports in missions and a more general class on church planting.  Should be fun!  Found out today Daniel and I will be staying in the men's dorm.

Also really fired about about the opportunity to participate in Rio Grande Bible Institute's missions conference in January.  We want to make a better effort at involving Spanish speaking Latin students in reaching Spanish speaking countries (sort of makes sense, don't you think?).

Last year we incorporated two Mexican RGBI students, Sofía and Elisa, into our formal summer internship program.  It worked well!  We'll see what the future holds for this new focus in Camino and FAMEX.
More about this later.

Quote of the Day: And so it is necessary that a love of the locale be recovered: this street, these trees, this humidity, these houses. Without reverence for the locale, obedience floats on the clouds of abstraction. Every time a rock is named, a flower is identified, a house number is located, a street is walked, noticing the details, observing the texture and color, insisting on the immediate particularity, the gospel is served, for space is cleared and location provided for yet another spin-off of the incarnation, most of which came to its definitive form in small towns and on county roads.
Eugene H. Peterson. Subversive Spirituality (p. 191).

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