Monday, August 20, 2012

Youth Kick-off Sunday and Comm Center Schedule

Great time with our dear friends of Word of Life Chapel on Sunday. It was youth kick-off Sunday, and the youth basically had charge of every aspect of the service. It was an honor to be able to preach.

Afterward, the young people had a pool party and dinner at the Moyer/Book residence. I dropped of Daniel, then came back for David. The property also had a big lake, full of large mouth bass and bluegills. David caught 8 decent-sized bass--he was in his glory!

Tina recently sent out our community center activity schedule for the fall. We begin September 17 and go through the beginning of December. We so appreciate Tina coordinating this, and all the people who support this outreach ministry.

Community Center Fall 2012
Womens Bible Study 9am
Bible studies (adults and girls) 6:30pm
Knitting 9am in the coffee shop (bring your own needles an yarn) 2nd and 4th weeks-Tina
ESL for youth (12-20 years old)- 5pm- Tiffany
Drums-5pm- Allan Basketball- 6pm - Allan
Family Pictures- 6pm, 6:30pm and 7pm (sign up in coffee shop, cost $30)- Tina
Coffee Shop 4:30-7:30pm
 THURSDAY Baking 1st and 3rd weeks at 9am- Tiffany and Shari
Selling Crepes in Locales 12-3pm- Tina and Tiffany
English for Kids (5-12 years old) 5pm- Tina
Guitar 5pm- Rod English for Adults (20+ years old) 6pm- Rod
Coffee Shop 4:30-7:30pm
FRIDAY English for Adults (20+ years old) 9am- Tina
English in Santa Barbara 5pm- Tina
Fridays youth event might be at the community center
SATURDAY Kids Club 9:30am- Marta
Bible Study 9:30am- Jim
Guitar 9am- Bryan
Math with Samuel-9am

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