Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quilts and Quiet

We are back to the digital world after several wonderful days out of cell phone and WiFi range.  Just about killed Daniel.  But our time tucked away amidst hemlock and oak trees with my parents was heavenly.  We had some rain, but also some very nice, practically perfect days.

The "brown bag" tradition continued, with the two boys getting two jeans quilts that grandma made.  I'm sure they'll become one of their favorite blankets in short order.  Cathy also celebrated her 12 year birthday, and did again when we arrived back home here (and will again at least once when she gets to Mexico).  Only THREE MORE YEARS till that girl is 15.  I'm going to have to learn how to dance.

I preach tomorrow at Word of Life Chapel...just printed out my sermon.  I'd appreciate your prayers in the unlikely event that you read this before tomorrow morning (almost this morning).  Of course, even if you read it later, you could still pray for it, as God operates outside of our time-bound reality.

Check out an interview of friend Alyssa Miller HERE. Alyssa is my editor (currently we both are on a bit of a break, but will hopefully be back in business when the craziness of these days subside).  Check out Alyssa's Real Eyes Editing website HERE.  We had the opportunity to see Alyssa, Matt and darling newborn Moriah on our way through Minnesota in July.

Below...grandma with her grandsons.  Rather amazing that David actually smiled in the bottom pic.

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