Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tacos with Sam

Now, one of the activities that I most enjoy in Mexico is eating tacos in the evening with a good friend.  Samuel and I were recounting and remembering our many and varied experiences in PA, the good times with friends and family, the all-night mural painting, the services at Word of Life Chapel, the many laughs and good times.

I have committed myself to skipping the late meal here, called cena, in an effort to try to shed the lbs. I put on in the U.S., but hey, diets were meant to be put off!

So...as we were finishing up, I thought a picture would be appropriate to remind all our mutual friends that although you may have ice cream and all sorts of wonderful PA Dutch foods in Pennsylvania, we still have something you don't, and something very, very tasty...Samuel had head meat tacos, I had three intestine tacos and we had a couple (normal) beef tacos.  Mmm...  We particularly mentioned Bill Beenenga as we were eating.  And Denny.  And Dave.  And Keith.  Eat your heart out!

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Anonymous said...

My ears were burning, i hope you said good things about me..