Monday, August 27, 2012

18 Different Beds

Just one of the random details from our 8Kmile+ road trip.  We're happy to be back home, and grateful at all the wonderful people we met the last 6 weeks, and the beautiful places we experienced.

Other observations...

1. We cleaned out A LOT of small, frozen ants that crawled into the top of our top freezer drawer and...froze.

2. For some reason all of the aerosol cans at least in the store we bought our groceries come without the little spray top.  You have to pay for the item, then go claim it (with your paid receipt) at the pharmacy, or wherever.

3. Mexico is beautiful and green!  It's the rainy season, and otherwise dry and brown areas are full of life.

4. The big interchange of roads and bridges connecting Ixtapaluca to Chalco and two major highways has progressed quite a bit in our absence.

5. 5 boxes of TastyCakes managed to make it to Mexico City.  If you don't know what these are, well, sorry about that.

6. The kids' friends found them fast...three of them are currently in our house, and we're missing David (probably with Chan).

Now...time to get school uniforms ready for David and Cathy for tomorrow, and I need to get on my game for Daniel and his start of home schooling.  I'm thinking of making Fantasy Football a class.  That's gotta be educational, right?

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