Friday, June 29, 2012

Wheelchair presentation video

Last night (Friday) we gave away another 14 wheelchairs to some very needy people, and had a wonderful time getting to know the people who both teach and attend a special needs school, practically in front of where we do our community center activities. It was a special evening. Here's a video, thanks to Jim Cottrill.

Although we were a bit limited in what we were able to present, Mayra was able to share the gospel, using a giant version of the Evangecube, left for the ministry here by our friends at Uncharted Waters Sports Ministry.

It's difficult to fully express how satisfying it is to be intimately involved in meeting both people's physical and spiritual need.  It has been amazing how many people need wheelchairs.  We're going to have to solicit probably another 15 chairs!  And it's amazing how many people need God.  Something we somehow forget.

This morning our intern friends were judges at a local jr. hi school...more about that maybe tomorrow, and our first flat tire in our Dodge Journey.

You can check out Tina's blog and the Cottrill's blog for more info and pictures.

Quote of the Day: Jesus was saying to his disciples then— and, by implication, to you and me now—“ I am sending you to dangerous places, where you will find yourself in the middle of evil, vicious people. And you will be there by my design.” Jesus told them, “Go to great danger, and let it be said of you what people would say of sheep wandering into the middle of wolves. ‘They’re crazy! They’re clueless! They have no idea what kind of danger they are getting into!’ This is what it means to be my disciple.”
     We don’t think like this. We say things such as, “The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will.” We think, If it’s dangerous, God must not be in it. If it’s risky, if it’s unsafe, if it’s costly, it must not be God’s will. But what if these factors are actually the criteria by which we determine something is God’s will? What if we began to look at the design of God as the most dangerous option before us? What if the center of God’s will is in reality the most unsafe place for us to be?
Platt, David. Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream (pp. 164-165).


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