Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tacos Arabes in Puebla (and other news)

Today I went to Puebla with co-worker Jim Cottrill to pick up the interns, and they came right back and went to work, putting together another 12 wheelchairs for tomorrow's service. They assembled 6 tonight, and 6 tomorrow afternoon.  Oh, and ate a few tacos árabes.  Such wonderful food!

The interns had a great time in Puebla visiting orphanages.  A big thanks to Kevin and Andrea Bult for showing them around.  Pic below.

Teddy (or little dog) got a haircut today.  He looks waaaay to girly, too much like a poodle!  It will grow.  Poor boy!

We will, hopefully, pick up our Dodge Journey complete with two new keys.   Expensive, to get new electronic keys made!  One of them was stolen when the vehicle was stolen, and of course we would like new keys and programming, so as not to wonder who out there has access to our van.  Each key, somewhere in the neighborhood of $400.  That's $400 U.S.  Yes, many things are less expensive here, but some things are definitely not!

 Tomorrow is a busy day that starts early. They will be involved in judging English songs sung by 12 different groups of 7-9 graders at a nearby jr. hi. Should be outrageous!

 Below, another short video clip, this one of David, Priscilla and Cathy giving their testimonies. Those of you that don't speak Spanish, well, why not??

 Quote of the Day: Learning should be a lifelong adventure, a quest. Only fools say they have learned all that is important and have nothing more to learn. You do not graduate from this quest until there is a flat line on the monitor next to your hospital bed. Until then we should all be endeavoring to learn more. God and his Word are infinite and our journey for understanding will never be satisfied this side of heaven.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 217).  

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