Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Name, New President for our mission

Lots of changes for our mission, formally CAM International, now Camino Global.

We are looking forward to participating in a week-long "Convocation" that will be held at the YMCA of the Rockies, near Estes Park, Colorado.  We have never been to Colorado before, and look forward to enjoying the beauty of the Rockies, and maybe (hopefully!) catching a trout or two or twenty.

This will be the third Convocation that I (Rod) have attended.  The first one was way back in 1994, and was held at Redeemer Bible Church (previously Reinhart Bible Church).  Ron Blue assumed the presidency of CAM at that time.  In 2001 (if I remember correctly!), Convocation was held at Scofield Memorial Church, and Dan Wicher began to serve as president of the mission, up through the end of 2011.  In about a month, at this third convocation, Doug Livingston will assume the leadership of newly christened Camino Global.  Doug has served in various ministerial positions, both in the U.S. and in Central America.

Interested in knowing more?  Check out these links.
An introductory website for Camino Global can be seen HERE.
You can see a picture of our handsome new president and read more about him HERE Check out a blurb about Convocation HERE.
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