Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LCC Day 2

After a great devo time led by Christian (Proverbs 8), and a book study on the importance of understanding cultures and contexts, a couple guys and a couple girls put together 4 1/2 wheelchairs, while others painted a new wall for the mural.  Why a new wall?  Well, a car was parked smack against the wall we painted last night, perhaps a neighbor thinking we were up to no good.  No matter.  The area we are painting now is "ours," connected to our community center space.

Sports, English and Music classes are happening this afternoon.  Over 600 flyers have been passed out promoting these next several days.

Below...our flyer and a picture of some of the 14 or so people who piled into our Astro Van for a trip up the hill to lunch at Sam and Aurora's house.

Quote of the Day: Whereas disinfecting Christians involves isolating them and teaching them to be good, discipling Christians involves propelling Christians into the world to risk their lives for the sake of others. Now the world is our focus, and we gauge success in the church not on the hundreds or thousands whom we can get into our buildings but on the hundreds or thousands who are leaving our buildings to take on the world with the disciples they are making. In this case, we would never think that the disciple-making plan of Jesus could take place in one service a week at one location led by one or two teachers. Disciple making takes place multiple times every week in multiple locations by an army of men and women sharing, showing, and teaching the Word of Christ and together serving a world in need of Christ.

Platt, David. Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream

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