Sunday, May 13, 2012

Van Update

We are certainly thankful for those of you who have prayed for us throughout this whole van-being-stolen-at-gunpoint, and now the bureaucratic nightmare of going through the van-was-recovered-but-we-can't-drive-it paperwork process.  But alas, there appears to have been some progress.  Tomorrow we meet with a CSI guy (well, ok, something like that) who will make sure the numbers on the motor match the VIN number, or some such thing.  Best case scenario...we'll be able to once again drive our Dodge Journey after this procedure is done.  After that, looks like we'll still have to take it to the state capitol, a 3 hour drive to Toluca, for a final inspection.  Everything takes a bit longer here...

But after four (I think) visits to the police department, plus another one tomorrow at 10 a.m., it looks like we are at least, well, making progress, and sometimes forward movement is all you can hope for.

Below, the lovely mother Mayra Fry, with her kids, who all managed to just about smile!

Quote of the Day: Instead of bringing people to church so that we can then bring them to Christ, let's bring Christ to people where they live. We may find that a new church will grow out of such an enterprise, a church that is more centered in life and the workplace, where the Gospel is supposed to make a difference. What will happen if we plant the seed of the Kingdom of God in the places where ife happens and where society is formed? Is this not what Jesus intended for His Church?" Neil Cole in Organic Church

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