Thursday, May 03, 2012

Special Guests, Part 2

Two more special guests headed down this weekend are Dave Dilworth (pictured below with his better half, Deb), and Denny Mohr, also pictured below in a boat with Samuel and a large catfish. Dave is pastor of our home church, Word of Life Chapel, and is coming down to our next of the woods for the first time (although not his first time in Mexico).  Dave will be staying with us this weekend.  We'll invite him to gather around the two couples that we'll be recognizing this weekend, to lay hands on them and pray for them.  Pretty sure God understands both English and Spanish.

 Denny is one of our platinum repeat visitors. I'm pretty sure this visit will be his fourth to Ixtapaluca.  Denny will be enjoying the fellowship of the Valtierra family, and, without a doubt, will be eating a lot of tacos.  We have so appreciated Denny's contribution to the ministry here.  His last visit was last June, when he participated in the Vision Weekend we had here.  He also hosted the Valtierra family and the Fry family at his cabin in Potter Co, PA, a few years ago.  Good times!

Want to hear my sermon in OH on April 22?  Click HERE and look for the sermon.

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Jim said...

I am SO putting your sermon on my iPod. :)