Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Special Guests Part 1

When you think of missions trips, perhaps you think primarily of teenagers and young adults.  Last year, however, we had the privilege of hosting two families of four, the Velazquez family from the Dallas area, and the Beenenga family, from our home church in PA.  The Beenenga family liked it so much they decided to come back, and will be joining us this weekend, back in the same house they lived in when they were here last year.  It was GREAT to have them, and we're excited about their return.  I think Bill might have actually said, "I'll be back" with a Schwarzenegger accent (maybe not).  The picture below is from a road trip on their Harleys, to the west coast.

Matt and Laura Steele are also headed our way, arriving just in time for a wedding Saturday night, and the leadership recognition service on Sunday.  They have 6 kids, three of their own and three adopted (I think), and are coming to the deep south to check out firsthand what missions life is like.  Although we have not yet personally met them yet, I have appreciated through email their willingness to be flexible and just hang with us, eat tacos and invest in relationships.  They will be staying with our co-workers, Martín and Laura Méndez, for a week.  Maybe next time they'll bring their kids along?!?

Please continue to pray with us, principally for our energy levels, as both Mayra and I are still in a bit of a funk after last week's craziness!

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