Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prayer Walking

All this week those we are doing a prayer walk around the church's neighborhood, Jesús María.  I wasn't about to go yesterday, but today I did. About 10 of us started out, and 5 more people joined us at some point during our circular walk.  We walked in silence, praying for our neighborhood.  It needs prayer...there have been some pretty wild things going on there recently!  We also are praying for a plot of land, that God would be gracious to us in that regard. I ended up carrying Romi, Mariana's daughter, for the last half of our walk.  That girl gets heavy!  Prayer walks are a cool idea, something we haven't done before, but something I'm sure we'll do more in the future.

Yesterday our mission, CAM Int'l, ceased to exist.  Well, sort of.  We have a new name, Camino Global.  You can check out some color commentary at Jim's blog, or on Tina's blog.

We are looking at installing concrete benches in front of our community center instead of metal ones.  The concern is that people will hacksaw them off at the legs and sell the metal as scrap metal for $.  Happens quite a bit here with manhole covers.  We'll see.

Once again, a personal motto, recently solidified in my mind, that sort of goes along with the quote below.  I want my life to have elements in it that cannot be explained by human reasons, and I want to be part of a church that cannot be ignored by  its community.

Quote of the Day: The church was once a catalyst for artistic expression, social change, and the founding of hospitals, schools, and missionary enterprise, but today she has settled for providing a one-hour-a-week worship concert, an offering plate, and a sermon.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 116)

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