Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Miguel and Tania

Please pray for our co-workers Miguel and Tania.  Miguel is deacon at the first church, Sendero de Vida Santa Bárbara.  For the last two years now, Tania has experienced hemorrhaging, and lately this condition has gotten worse.  Socialized medicine here is deficient many times at best.  What Tania really needs is a hysterectomy.

Miguel was going to try to get off work yesterday and explore private clinics and hospital, seeking a solution to a medical problem that has gone on for quite a while now.  Several of you have already donated to assist this couple with their health care costs.  We thank you for that.

Quote of the Day: When people develop resources untested by life experience and sell them to the church, the results are pathetically weak. A good idea in your office does not always translate to a good idea in real life. Believe me, I have shelves of these ideas gathering dust. It is the reality of experience that sharpens us. Experience on the fields of battle refines us and our strategies. There is no substitute for this.
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (pp. 118-119).

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