Monday, May 07, 2012

Leadership Recognition Service May 6

It's been a while since I've written, but as usual, not because of a scarcity of content, but rather an excess of it.  Hmm...why do I feel like I'm exhausted?  Maybe because I am.  But it's a happy, contented tiredness.

This past weekend marked the recognition of two couples for leadership in our young church: Ismael and Marta Pérez and Samuel and Aurora Valtierra.  We call it a recognition service, because we are simply acknowledging ministry that is already taking place.  These two couples have been examples to all of us of what faithful, humble local church ministry should look like.

There were all sorts of special elements to the service, including a couple songs that the band jammed to, an interpretive dance, a special greeting to the guests, and a presentation of a number of symbols that spoke to the responsibilities of local church ministry.  Friend Erik Morga then preached a dynamite sermon about the responsibilities that leadership has to the church, but also the responsibilities that the church has towards their leaders.

At the end of the service, 7 or 8 pastors and elders that participated on a laying on of hands ceremony, committing these two couples to the Lord, blessing them, asking that the Lord help and protect them in their personal lives and public ministry.

We were happy also to have 6 visitors from our home church here, pastor Dave Dilworth, Denny Mohr and the Bennenga family.  Matt and Laura Steele joined us from their home near Chicago as well, and Myhiah was there as well.  She'll be in Mexico for the next 9 weeks (and we sang to her for her birthday)!

As always, thanks to all those who took these pictures!

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