Friday, April 27, 2012

This Week has been Surreal-Part 1

This week has been surreal.  It began, for me, preaching the same sermon twice at Leroy Community Chapel, Sandusky, OH, for their two a.m. services.  If you have never preached, perhaps you are not aware of how much physical and emotional energy goes into a sermon.  Especially if you are preaching about something you are passionate about.  Like church planting.  It is a wonderful weariness that you experience after a double whammy like that.  You want to cry, then you just want to take a nap.

The Pierce house filled up (again) Sunday night for their Life Group.  Good times.  The whole weekend was full of personal interaction with many different families in the church.  It felt like Mexico.  I commented to Angi, Jeff's wife, that it made me feel good that I was not the only husband who had totally unrealistic expectations of my wife.  I said it in jest, of course.  Sort of.

According to the weather report, we were going to wake up to snow on Monday morning, in NE Ohio, but there was no snow on the ground, but still a bunch forecast for Pittsburgh, where my flight back to Mexico City initiated.  What to do?  The extra fees to change the flight and fly out of Cleveland would have added more than $300 to the cost of the return trip.  So Jeff and I decided to not change flights.  On our way to Pittsburgh, Jeff had a flat tire, but we made it in time.

No snow in Pittsburgh, my Delta flights from PIT to ATL, then to MEX when perfectly.  José, a friend from church, and son Daniel picked me up at the airport.  Daniel took our house key of the on van ring.  Good thing.  When our van was stolen that next day, no house key went with it.  No changing locks.

My time at LCC was blessed.  I perceived a healthy church, looking to reach out into the community that God has given them as a mission field.  I met new friends, and renewed old friendships.  I met a team of talented, creative young people who will be visiting us this June.

We have also experienced, through the theft, then recuperation, of our van, an incredible outpouring of prayer and support.  It has felt good.  Good to be part of such a big family.  Good to have such an attentive Father.

Quote of the Day: After visiting her ministry in the slums of Calcutta someone once remarked to Mother Teresa, "I wouldn't do what you do for a million dollars." Looking back at the observer, the seasoned missionary replied, "Neither would I."
Neil Cole. Organic Leadership: Leading Naturally Right Where You Are (p. 304).

Jeff Pierce and Dan, another missionary partner invited for the weekend.

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