Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Migraines and Soda (Pop)

Daniel is back with a blog entry today.  You can read it HERE.  The soda drinking is an issue in our house because ever since Daniel suffered his first migraine attack back in November, the doctor told him he should avoid dark colas and extended playing time with video games.  In other words, the two things he likes most.  I grew up in a house where soda (or pop, or soda pop) was never on the table, but in Mexico, it's hard to avoid it.  I read somewhere that Mexico is #1 per capita in the world for soda consumption, and I certainly believe it.  I'm including a map of the usage of soda or pop (below), and its variances (in honor of past internship debates!).  If you want to research more, check HERE.

Two nights ago, after 5 months without a problem, Daniel once again complained about numbness in his arm and was unable to communicate well.  We are grateful that his struggle with migraines is very intermittent, but continue to be concerned that the attacks do not become more frequent, as they totally immobilize him.  I do remind him periodically, however, that the MRI we took of his head did confirm that he has a brain.  I say this in jest, of course, because Daniel is quite smart when he wants to be, and is currently devouring a book I use for the internship time, Cross-Cultural Servanthood, by Duane Elmer.  We just talked about the money and the fish analogy.

Friends in Puebla woke up today with their lawns and cars covered with a thin layer of ash.  Popocatepetl, one of the volcanoes from which this blog derives its name, has been spewing ash and steam for the last couple days.  Although we are just as close to Popo as Puebla is, prevailing winds almost always take the ash southeast.  Here's more news (in Spanish).

If my wife were here (she's at a Bible study) she would tell me that I need to stop writing on this blog and finish my sermon for this weekend, and she would be right, of course, so I better move on to more productive endeavors!

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