Monday, April 16, 2012

Cathy and the Crayfish (and the dog)

Two nights ago my daughter was woken around 3 in the morning by our little dog Teddy barking at a crayfish that had apparently somehow crawled out of our aquarium.  Ah, the joys of cohabitation with all manner of God's creatures!

Please continue to pray with us for a suitable piece of property for the church.  Our 3-4 months of prayer, patterned after Nehemiah 1, are almost over.  Time to actively seek options (and finances!).

This Thursday evening marks the beginning of an new outreach, with a study for women entitled ¿Es difícil ser mujer? (Is it difficult to be a woman?).  We hope that this slightly different outreach on the challenges of being a woman, and specifically on elements of depression, will reach new families.

Mayra had a study this morning with Jessica, a young mother who trusted Christ several weeks ago.  Great to see how this family is growing in their faith.

Check out this LINK for a great article from friend (and editor!) Alyssa Johnson.  Which reminds me that I am way behind my 10 pages for April!

Click HERE for an article on our favorite active volcano, Popo.  We can see Popo clearly (on a clear day!) from our house.  As long as she keeps spouting off, well, that's actually good, as pressure does not build up.

¿Es difícil ser mujer?
Te invitamos a los talleres que te ayudarán enfrentar la difícil tarea de ser mujer.
Jueves, 6:30-8 p.m.
Mercado del reloj, local 13
Edgar Cruz Ugalde
Licenciado en piscología social

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