Friday, March 09, 2012

Two Poems


Days composed of time, and I'm
Walking down a corridor of more
Than I could ever know and so,
I will trust the One who leads me.

I am blind, and yet I see that to be,
Is more important than to do, and yet so few,
Dare to risk their place in line to find,
That life is more than being secure.

Somewhere inside resides
A willingness to surrender and remember
Why we are here, what we must do, and Who
We are following, and that He is able.

Why then do we run and hide, and decide,
That we can run our lives best, and never rest,
Always trying to be what we always were,
Trying to obtain what we already have.

We came to God on our knees, and now we plead,
That we would return there, in humble prayer,
In faith we first came, and in faith we remain,
Seeing the world through different eyes.

Fill us to overflowing, that men may see that we,
Have a power not our own, a love from above,
That will stop at nothing to light the night,
And spread the word around.

That man does not have to die, does not have to try,
To do great things, and bridge the hole in his soul,
For he cannot, and would not, and should not, and won't
Until he becomes a child once again.

A child playing in the sand does not demand,
That he find cement, and make concrete, and complete,
A great big house, for all to see what he can be,
He is content that he is alive, and very much alive he is!

We are called Children of God, it is quite odd,
That we run around trying to be big, doing great deeds,
When, after all, God calls us to be small,
And trust him to honor our life of faith, and He will.



You ask me to play a strange game,
A game of chance, a game involving years of life
My life.

And you ask me to place every part of my life on one number
Like gambling almost
And then you spin the wheel.

If I win, I win everything, and you guarantee that I will win.
You promise.  You say that you know.
But I don't know; I must trust you.

Now I'm just not quite sure I like these odds.
What if I lose?  I lose it all.  Everything.
So I spread it out a bit.

I stake my life, invest it if you will,
On other numbers, numbers that I like.
Numbers that have long been favorites.

Increase the odds.  Sure I may not win big.
But I won't lose as big either, or as much,
Will I? 

Of course I will leave a part of my life
On the number you recommend
Because you might be right after all.

Who do you think I am, anyway?
Who would be crazy enough to bet it all,
On the basis of the advice of someone I've never even seen.


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TINA! said...

I took me a min to figure out who rf was.... :) but i really enjoyed these!