Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sweet Fellowship

Last night was a great time with a bunch of my favorite people!  Toño and Becky Muñoz came over from Xochimilco, southern Mexico City, and had cena, the late meal, with Ismael and Marta, Samuel and Aurora and us.  Actually we had two cenas...

Toño and Becky graciously agreed to assist us in our leadership recognition process, part of which involves meeting with pastors and leaders from other churches and interacting about the challenges, responsibilities, priorities and joys of ministry.   Last night, after hearing testimonies, we discussed everything from the priority that one's marriage has to have to the pros and cons of church membership, and almost everything in between.

We are so encouraged that the Lord has provided the Pérez Sánchez and Valtierra Guitian families to lead our young church to continued growth and maturity.

After an entremes in Toks, we arrived back at our house around 11 p.m. and got around 70 tacos al pastor and tacos de suadero for our hungry kids (and ourselves!).  Great time!

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