Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Internet Radio, Social Media, Cell Phones and a World Apart

What a wild world!  Last night we just happened to be on Facebook when friend David Gómez was on the air on an Internet-based Christian radio station in Uruguay.  We clicked on the link he posted there, and were listening to him live online and communicating at the same time via Facebook.  Here's how the conversation went (see below).

For those of you who only speak English, son Daniel (who was simultaneously texting to FB via his cell phone) asked David to greet all the Uruguayan girls between 13 and 16 (should I be concerned about this??).

I asked David to tell us about his romantic life...but he refused!

Today...going to pick up some of the Canada team this evening, hopefully picking up 72 t-shirts this afternoon, and gearing up for our community center closing program, which will happen, Lord willing, tomorrow (Friday).

Quote of the Day:
"Every time we open up a church door and take a careful, scrutinizing look inside we find them there again--sinners.  Also Christ.  Christ in the preaching, Christ in the sacraments, but inconveniently and embarrassingly mixed into this congregation of sinners.

It is to be expected in these situations that with some frequency certain persons will come forward with designs to improve matters.  They want to purify the church.  They propose to make the church something that will advertise to the world the attractiveness of the kingdom.  With few exceptions these people are, or soon become, heretics, taking on only as much of the gospel as they can manage and apply to the people around them, attempting to construct a version of church that is so well behaved and efficiently organized that there will be no need for God.

The abhor the scandal of both the cross and the church."

Eugene Peterson, Under the Unpredictable Plant, pp. 24-25
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