Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2nd Anniversary Video

Our co-worker Jim did it again, putting together another video, this one on our time last Sunday, celebrating the church's 2nd anniversary.

 Hard to believe that 2 years ago, about 30 of us gathered for the first church service March 28. For 14 months, the church met in a small, two bedroom house. Then last May we began renting a larger "upper room", a space used for Zumba classes during the week, and our worship services on Sunday.

 Jim wrote about this past Sunday here. Tina talks about the service in her blog here. I also mentioned the service a couple of days ago.

  Quote of the Day: The Christian mind is too provocative, too dangerous, too revolutionary perhaps. If nourished, if fed fat on the milk of the word, it will perhaps collide so violently with the secular mind which dominates our comfortable and complacent set-up that we Christians shall find ourselves, mentally at least, persecuted again. Harry Blamires, The Christian Mind, p. 78


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