Friday, March 23, 2012

Community and Coffee

Tina and Tiffany wanted to use one of the market spaces we purchased for community center activities, and turn it into a coffee shop.  And they have!  Little by little they have been purchasing chairs, different men in the church made the tables, the latte maker was donated (thanks Alyssa!), and our old sofa adorns one wall (until they find some way to get rid of it!).

I don't know the numbers, but I'm guessing the actual sale of coffee and the cake that they make and sell is probably pretty low.  But the coffee shop has served a function more important than profit.  It is one more place that the church can come and hang out, drink coffee perhaps, and talk.

Come on down and drink a cup with us!

One portion of the wall is filled with all our names.

Quote of the Day:

What postmodern culture values
Relationship over mission
Authenticity over excellence
Experience over proposition
Mystery over solution
Diversity over uniformity
Journey over destination
Neil Cole, from chapter 2, what about our changing culture, church3.0 

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