Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cleaning Up for a Big Weekend

We are frantically preparing for this weekend, with Claudia's quinceaños this afternoon, and a big celebration for the church's 2nd anniversary tomorrow, with guest preacher Toño Muñoz coming, with wife Becky, who will be singing a couple songs for us.

In preparation for tomorrow, a bunch of us did clean-up in the market/park area where the pole tent will be set up tomorrow for the service.  Sendero 1 is invited there's no way we'd fit into the small space we rent every Sunday.

After the clean-up, with yielded 8 huge black bags full of trash and grass clippings, I reminded us that everything done in Jesus' name is sacred, even picking up trash, mopping down floors and cleaning bathrooms. It was a good time!

Quote of the Day:  Church is no longer a place to go to, but a people to belong to.  Church is no longer an event to be at, but a family to be a part of.  Church is not a program to reach out to the world, but a people that bring the kingdom of God with them to a lost world, with a  contagious spirit.  Neil Cole, Church 3.0, introduction.

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