Friday, January 13, 2012


Elizabeth made a decision to trust Christ when she was about 5 months pregnant.  She heard about the gospel from her mother, who attended a women's conference last year and also came to know the Lord.  Elizabeth now has a daughter, Aitana, and we have had the privilege of giving her and her boyfriend/father of Aitana, Sergio, a pre-marriage study for the last several months.  Some of the lessons were a little, but most were not.

Sergio was raised in a religious home, but saw a lot of hypocrisy and was influenced at school by humanistic thought.  He has not yet made a decision for Jesus, but is very much more open than he was several months ago.  He is in total agreement that their wedding be Christian, and is in favor of us singing 7 or 8 Christian choruses for his wedding.  They have also been attending church as a couple regularly.

Some would say that we should not marry this couple, because Sergio has not yet committed his life to Christ.  I respectfully disagree.  Here is a man who is willing to take responsibility for the birth of his child, is willing to have a wedding that will be a testimony to the Lord, and they even plan to have a baby dedication as part of their wedding service.  Sergio's conversion is important, and his commitment as husband and father is also very important.  One step at a time.

So we are gearing up for what promises to be a special weekend.  Somewhere between 250-280 guests are invited to the wedding, and the church people are providing a lot of the decorations, food, music and of course a big part of the program.  Should be fun!

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Totally the Christian response! Have a great celebration!
Love, Barb (can never figure out how to sign in with my google account; using anonymous always seems easier)