Saturday, December 10, 2011

Community Center Closing Program

David Gómez is in Uruguay! Para los que hablan español, el post de David Gómez y su transición al español de Uruguay es muy divertido. Chécalo AQUI.

Yesterday two fun ministry events happened, one definitely more discipleship-oriented, one evangelistic. Yesterday morning, women from both churches here got together for a prayer time and breakfast. Mayra put 20 Daily Breads in cellophane bags with a couple of chocolate candies and a Bible verse on the outside. They went like pan caliente.

Last evening we invited the community to our Tiempo de Vivir community center closing program, and the third one we've done in December. Hard to believe that we've now done five semesters of community center courses, not counting the three-week-long summer session.

Last night was special, with several different presentations from the various classes. We missed Allan and Melanie, however; they were informed on Thursday that they needed to go to the state capitol, Toluca, as part of their teaching obligations (both are elementary school teachers). One of the highlights for us...Daniel playing a drum duet with Paola, another girl in the church.

Tina and Tiffany did a great job organizing the evening! I'm sure they'll have much better's a poor one taken from my cell phone.

The most important part of the program last night were the 4-5 non-churched families that came, participated, and enjoyed the event. Each received a certificate of participation and a Gospel of Matthew.

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