Friday, December 09, 2011

Closing Program Today

Today we celebrate the conclusion of our fifth semester of community center activities. We started giving 10-12 week courses way back in September, 2009. This closing program is probably the easiest for me personally, as Tina Barham is fully in charge of the community center...yesterday I took a good 60 plastic stools, sound equipment, two tables and Daniel's drum set to the market. Allan was going to be the MC this time, but unfortunately he was informed of a meeting he has to attend in Toluca...bummer.

Daniel will be playing a drum duet with Paola; that should be cool. The Saturday violin/keyboard/saxophone class will not be presenting anything, as the teacher feels like they have just really begun, and still are not ready. I'll be leading Jingle Bells and Joy to the World in English.

Mayra is at a joint prayer time/breakfast with the women of both the first church and the second church. She took around 25 one-year Daily Bread booklets in Spanish to give as early Christmas gifts. She may not have enough.

Oh...I got my front tooth fixed. Rebuild...with resin. $27. Yes, that's right, $27.

Below, a picture of where the closing program will take place.

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