Friday, October 28, 2011

Miguel is much better...

Thanks for your prayers...Miguel has been much better, walking around with little or not pain, able to straighten out and walk normally. I was really concerned for him on Tuesday and Wednesday; I've known several men with chronic, degenerative back problems. Normally, relief comes slowly, and usually after a lot of pain, and a back operation.

Just saw my cousin Chris shot a nice 6-point with a crossbow. If there is anyone who will always get a nice deer walk up to is Chris. Congrats, cousin!

The Rangers lost! I'm not a big fan of the Rangers, but the way St. Louis managed to win, from way back 33 games ago through game 7 of the world series, well, it's pretty amazing.

Tonight we had a birthday party for Ninfa, a relatively new believer in our church, and someone who has really been a support for us in recent months in a lot of different ways. 25 or so of us showed up at her house, ate cake, played a Bible trivia game and all went around a circle and said how much we appreciated her. This intensive love and acceptance shown, well, people really feel like they are part of the family. They should feel that way, because they are!

Tomorrow, 12 of our ladies are driving up to Villa de las Flores, on the northern edge of Mexico City, for a circuit woman's conference. Please pray for Mayra as she drives up there with 11 other women in our 8 passenger van! In the meantime...I have a premarital counseling study at 9 a.m. and have to haul about 10 instruments including two keyboards to the market for the music classes at 10 a.m. Busy day today, as I also need to finish a sermon, practice for the music on Sunday, and teach a men's study at 8 p.m.

My Kindle locked up today. Weird. Amazon is sending me another one free of charge.

In preparation for my sermon I listened to a couple of sermons from Piper, really, really good stuff. Is if o.k. to copy some of a sermon, if you preach it in a different language? There's gotta be some grace there, right? I'm preaching a Great Commission sermon from Matthew 28. This Sunday we have invited the first church to do church with us. We're meeting in a pole tent, and have a special commissioning time for David Gómez at the end of the service. David is going to Uruguay, Lord willing, in December. If you're interested in supporting him, even for a small amount, please let me know. He still needs both monthly and one-time support.

Still trying to train Teddy, the dog, not to poop everywhere. But Teddy is tiny, and the poop is, well, small, so we are doing o.k.

Some more exciting stuff going on...ah, but I can't put everything here!

We're looking forward to having Nicole Greiner here to do some video work, also friend Lauren Menge (as rumor would have it!) is also coming soon.

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Chris said...

Glad Miguel is doing better! Oh, and the Cardinals are awesome, and yes their story is AMAZING and I'm completely unbiased even though I'm from St. Louis, these are just facts.