Monday, October 10, 2011

Keller Quote

Timothy Keller, Reason for God, Introduction
The number of Americans answering “no religious preference” to poll questions has skyrocketed, having doubled or even tripled in the last decade. A century ago most U.S. universities shifted from a formally Christian foundation to an overtly secular one.”
“Even as more and more people identify themselves as having “no religious preference, certain churches with supposedly obsolete beliefs in an infallible Bible and miracles are growing in the United States, and exploding in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Even in much of Europe there is some growth in church attendance.

“In short, the world is polarizing over religion. It is getting both more religious and less religious at the same time."

Here's another great quote:

“Jesus appears on the scene with a new approach. He introduces a brand-new idea. He connects with sinners before they repent, before they change, so that they will change. He goes to those who need him even before they know they need him! He seeks out the least, last and lost so that, hearing his voice, they can experience new life. Rather than keeping them at arm’s length, he embraces them. David Schuringa, as quoted in Cross-Cultural Servanthood, by Duane Elmer

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