Thursday, October 13, 2011

MBI and Chicago

Samuel and I arrived in Chicago after a perfect flight from Mexico City to Chicago on Tuesday morning. We were picked up by one of Sam's friend's sister and her husband, who live in Palatine, IL. I drove the van to MBI and we actually had time to go to J's and grab a burger and fries before the afternoon orientation session started at the Sweeting Center 2 p.m. Friday.

George Verwer spoke and jumped around both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and as always challenged us to pray for the world and reach out to the world with both hands...both with the proclamation of the gospel and with a concern for social issues. Niel Cole spoke this morning, a great message that had me periodically crying and laughing.

This morning I attended a Moody Alumni breakfast, and sat next to Steve Dutton, who I first met when he was part of a professional wrestling spoof on Colby 2...but alas, that is another story! Steve is married to Karen Pointier Dutton, who sang in the Moody Chorale back in the day. It was interesting to hear of the Dutton's 16 years of ministry in an international church in Athens, Greece, and the significant challenges of re-entry into U.S. culture.

On the other side of me at the table sat Alexis Berry, one of Moody's main editors, her small stature belies her revolutionary nature! She featured this blog as the first blog on a relatively new MBI alumni website. Also present at the table...Ben Blycker, brother of Moody cohort and friend Tim, and Brian O'Neil.

Alyssa Miller arrived a bit later, and was able to meet Mr. Edmonds (Mr. Ed) who graciously came to visit for a bit. Mr. Ed has been a huge example and mentor for me, and it was encouraging to see him. We remembered together a book that he always was recommending to us...Don't Waste Your Sorrows. I never have actually read it, but the main point is this: when times are tough, learn from them. You are experiencing them for a reason.

I met Allison Chase also last night. Allison is the oldest daughter of Mark and Amy Chase. We sang together in the Moody Chorale, oh, a few years ago. Hard to believe that our kids are now back here.

I'm staying with two great guys, Daniel Godsave and Jonathan Arnold. Both are great guys. Jonathan's first language is Hebrew. They haven't said anything, yet, about my snoring... There is a group of guys on this floor that are absolutely crazy. It's been fun to share stories, because I have some of my own...

Last night Micah took us up north on the brown line of the L and invited us to eat...tacos, of all things! It was great to spend some time with him.

Sorry no pictures, no camera.


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