Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Report and Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez spent the last week with us here, Cathy graciously sharing her bed. Joe first visited us in March, 2007, with a group from Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. He returned again this past June for the Vision Weekend, and left with a strong desire to be involved in the ministry here in an ongoing way. He shared with the church yesterday morning his desire to commit for two years here. That's awesome!

Yesterday after the service we had a kermes, which is basically a glorified pot-luck, with the variant that food is sold to raise money for a project, in this case the church property/building. I didn't get any pictures of the event because I was too busy eating pozole. Aside from the food, there were carnival-style games as well, including bingo, a bb-gun target shoot and of course, the now-classic "win-a-fish" ping-pong ball throw, with the grand prize being a small turtle. Yes, you guessed it, David won the turtle, one of the few small animals that we had not yet (until yesterday) tried as a pet. Oh, and he won 5 fish also. Not sure if I should have put three goldfish in with the rest of our fish, but you know what, we're running out of space to put animals.

While buying fish for the game, I bought a small frog and two freshwater fish for our fish tank...a visible reminder of God's creativity sitting in our living room.

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