Monday, June 13, 2011

Vision Weekend

I don't think I have slept less in a weekend since college, but sleep, after all, is overrated! Between Thursday and Friday, 16 additional visitors invaded our house and church, invited to participate in a time of exploring how we can advance the outreach of the gospel here through planting church. During our meeting on Friday, several more people participated (Toño Muñoz, Tom Basile), and on Saturday, the first church, Sendero 1, we had a tremendous time of interaction between two cultures and two languages.

Hard to know how to start summarizing this much happened.

Probably the most significant aspect of the weekend was renewing friendships and making others.

The worship and devotional times were great.

We also divided up into work groups and looked at various aspects of church planting, namely: Music outreach, kids and youth outreach, evangelism and community events, for-profit business to support bi-vocational workers, semi-formal theological education at a local church level and communication/graphics arts.

After worshiping separately in the two churches, we once again gathered together for a HUGE meal last night (around 70 lbs. of meat) and a final work group time to establish action steps for the next 6 months. Our meeting ended with a precious time of prayer, all 45 or so of us holding hands and praying that God's name might be exalted.

More later!

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Charles said...

Re: The devotional time(s)

On Friday, just before Jeff said, "Instead of doing the planned devotional, just let [what I just said] be the devotion" (or something like that), I was thinking "man, this is the best devotional I've ever heard!"