Friday, September 09, 2011

MBI missions conference, October

Several days ago, Mexican co-worker Samuel and I confirmed our participation in Moody Bible Institute's annual missions conference this year again. It is ALWAYS great to get back to Moody, and once again we look forward to presenting several workshops, as well as assisting in an agency presentation.

These are some of our initial ideas regarding possible workshops. This is all, of course, subject to approval from the missions dept. at MBI

Community Relationships and Politics
Why working with local, state and national officials is strategic and often essential.

This workshop will deal with the important, but often times overlooked dynamic of working to secure a positive relationship with host-country officials, without selling out to the corruption of politics.

Drawing People Out
A discussion on creative forms and forums for using art at your local church or for a mission outreach.

This workshop will discuss creative forms of outreach using non-traditional methods of graphic arts, including graffiti, caricatures and murals, both real-world and virtual.

The Community Center Approach
How to use good works and universal languages (music, sports, ESL, dance, martial arts, etc…) to make an impact in missions.

This workshop explores the impact that ongoing community activities have in establishing credibility and making contacts, particularly in a church planting context.

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