Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Martin's account of his accident in his own words...

Martin's account of his accident...in his own words, taken from FB.

Hello to everybody, to the ones that do not know what has happened to me, let me comment in brief that happened (although that I do not remember it) since even I am not in conditions to work in the pc. Friday 26 of August around 2 o'clock pm in the roof of the house while moved some irons I received a discharge of highly voltage (do not I know if 10.000 or 50.000 volts) in the hands, that apparently left for my right foot and let me unconscious and I was drop down about 12 feet downward where strike a near, hit again about 4 feet downward, and then finally about 8 feet struck again, that last time with the face on the street. On the whole they were approximate 22 feet. I swell the face and the head, I have a small crack and the right cheekbone, then enter me air to the brain and I have a blood coagulate that I expect be undone soon. No bone of me is actually broken.

As you can realize my God is marvelous and powerful that He keep me alive. Upon arriving at the clinic (the second because in the first one did not they have the necessary equipment to attend me), they declared me burned internally to the 100% by the type of discharge, the first scenario was some few hours or no more than three days of life (because thus is in statistics), I Praise a lot to God and I give him thanks that nothing of my interiors is burned and continues functioning. Some of you perhaps can see somewhat special in me, but there is nothing, who is truly special is God, my savior, the is the warrior and the victorious one, I am alone a his servant that continues willing service in which I can do and I should be increasingly more careful, and if this step so that we see his glory and his power, if I have certain resistance or Capacity to heal, is not because of I decided, but because thus my creator did me, I thank HIM for put his eyes in my, therefore has chosen it more despicable and what is not for show what is, to be shown to Himself.

Thanks for your messages, calls, prayers and other samples of love, please do not take away your eyes from God, He is admirable. Thanks my God by the life of my wife and all my family, God bless them abundantly.

If any of you want to join me next Sunday to Give thanks to God by the opportunity to continue breathing I invite you to the church that I attend the 10:00 a.m. at Cotera 535 next to the bower of the trunks, Geovillas of Santa Barbara Ixtapaluca.

Therefore if we live, for God we live and if we die for God we die, from God we are.

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