Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Learning how to play some instruments

On Sunday evening, Samuel and I met with a Christian couple that we had met previously once this past March; they both played in a praise band that we invited to play at our first anniversary service for the second (Jesús María) church. Their names are Alan and Mireya. Mireya graduated from a conservatory here in Mexico, and is quite good with a rather large number of instruments. They are a great couple, and I am very excited about working with them in this endeavor! The attend a church downtown called Semilla de Mostaza.

Mireya has agreed to begin giving lessons Saturday mornings, from 10 a.m. till noon, starting Saturday, September 24. She will be beginning with the following instruments: saxophone, violin, piano/keyboard and guitar. We will be charging a limited amount per student for the classes, subsiding the expense somewhat.

I asked her about the other instruments that were donated (trumpet, clarinet, flute) and she mentioned that she can teach these instruments, but needs more individualized classes for these...hopefully we'll be able to tackle these other instruments perhaps next year. We could also potentially look for another teacher.

We are also getting ready for the kick-off to another semester of community center activities this coming Monday.

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