Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hospital Life is Not Fun

I was able to spend the night with Martín Wednesday evening, arriving in the middle of a rain storm around 8:30 p.m. Because this is a private hospital (as opposed to a public hospital) the room actually had a fairly comfortable chair to spend the night in. According to Martín, the walls of the room nearly trembled with my snoring. He doesn't do badly either, though! I left around 5:30 p.m. yesterday, returning on public transportation (which is an experience in an of itself).

I was reminded about how difficult it is to be comfortable in the hospital. Nurses wake you up every three hours to take your temperature and blood pressure, an IV drip with corresponding stainless steel coat rack on wheels limits movement...and your roommate snores.

On big sign of progress...Martín, during my stint with him, was able to go from his bed to the bathroom for the first time. Of course, there was a significant learning curve there. Our first try was...tedious, and no doubt torturous for him! We put a sandal on his good, left foot, and he used the IV stand as sort of a skate for his sore right foot, leaning on me for support. It was...interesting. I definitely became keenly aware that I am not cut out for nursing. Martín mentioned that my delicate help was roughly equivalent to throwing around sacks of concrete.

It appears as though he will not lose any of his toes...there is only one at this point that could possibly need to be amputated, but the doctors are hopeful that simply removing some of the dead tissue will be enough. Martín still experiences intense pain in his right foot, and lesser pain in his many other bruises. He is still running a constant low grade fever (99°F), but all vital signs are improving, and it looks like he will be released tomorrow. Pray to that end!

His overall medical bills are currently somewhere around $4200. God has been gracious in covering about half of this amount through gifts from many of you reading this blog, as well as other from his family and church family.

Here's a picture of Martín´s oldest son, Abraham, who was able to visit his dad yesterday.

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Charles said...

Thanks for keeping us all updated. It's really comforting to hear of Martín's progress.

And I guess a trip to the bathroom together trumps the pastoral Speedo...