Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Martin continues to improve

Daniel, David Gómez and I visited Martin in the hospital today. Bruises on his face and arms, and especially the darkness around his eyes, was quite evident, but so was his almost ever present smile. We sang a bunch of Jesús Adrian Romero praise songs, and talked briefly with him. Pretty much as soon as I get done writing this, I'll be going back to the hospital via public transportation to spend the night with him. Because he is out of intensive care, the nurses no longer help him do some basic things that he still needs to do. So...friends and family members pretty much take turns to be with patients 24/7. I was pleased to see there is a nice reclining chair in his room. Hope my snoring doesn't keep him up!

Thanks so much for your support in so many ways. I've already mentioned the amazing amount of prayer support for Martin and his family. About 10 people in the U.S. also have pledged, as of this moment, $2150 for his medical expenses! That's pretty awesome! The church in Jesús María also gave an offering to the family this past Sunday. To date, the hospital bills exceed $2700.

But the best news...looks like Martin will probably be released in two or three days, and so far, it appears as though he will not lose any toes...although that decision has not yet been made, as I understand it.

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robert said...

Such good news. I do hope and pray Martin will keep all his toes, but God is in charge and cares about every detail.

I'm glad we can check updates here on your site while Jim & Shari are vacationing. They were here in our home when the news came through about the accident.

It's exciting to see such an outpouring of support, prayer and financial assistance.

We were so thankful you were back when this happened and have been so willing to do whatever you can to help the family through this crisis.

Blessings, Beth