Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kayaking and Guns

Weird. We've been shooting a lot lately. Last night, even Mayra got into it, shooting several rounds of a .30 carbine 110 grain M1 single-shot semi-automatic, one of Bill Beneenga's antique guns that dates back to WW2 days. David shot 10 rounds from a sweet Colt .22 that he has in probably 4 seconds. The 6 potatoes that Henry stuck on trees in the woods took a beating. As well as everything in a pretty wide radius!

We went kayaking yesterday, a first for the family, on Yellow Breaches creek, a beautiful, wide trout stream that flows through Messiah College, and a bit upstream crosses the Appalachian Train. We each had our own kayak, and even the smaller members of our family, Cathy and David, did remarkably well.

I've been debating what I want to talk about tomorrow at Wolc, and I think I've finally determined what to do. We'll give a report about what's going on in Mexico (with Daniel and Mayra's help), then challenge the church to be creative in their own evangelism here. Should be fun.

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