Monday, August 22, 2011

Ideas for PA evangelism

We greatly enjoyed our time yesterday at Wolc. Daniel, Mayra and I were all able to share in the Bible school hour to a combined adult/youth class, and Daniel (drums) and I were involved in the worship time during the Sunday service.

After talking about some of what God is doing in Ixtapaluca, I attempted to share some lessons that I have learned about evangelism, and gave some ideas of how to contextualize evangelism (and good works) to the culture here.

Lessons learned in Ixtapaluca about evangelism.
A. Good works and Good news Matthew 5:14-16
B. Evangelism must be contextualized to each church.
C. It’s all about relationships. Luke 16
D. We need to be farmers…sowing the seed, and eventually reaping a harvest. Evangelism is, almost always, a process, and often a long one.

What are some ideas for Wolc?
1. Do you know of a young person that needs the Lord? Every two weeks you have a great youth meeting to bring him to. Around 4 times a year there is a major activity, retreat, Harvey Cedars or some such thing. What if you were to identify a young person and commit yourself to bringing him or her and picking him or her up afterwards. You would make a difference.
2. What if there were a way for anyone in the church to recommend an unsaved or an unchurched family that needed some help with groceries. Maybe they had been out of work, or dealing with health issues, or whatever. And every week, or every other week, $200 of groceries would be given to an eligible family with a card from the church at Wolc?
3. Teaching musical instruments. What if this building was used as a center for free or almost free lessons one or two or three days a week? You could teach the drums, the guitar, maybe trumpet, or perhaps church organ (although no one would want to learn that, since organs were last used 50 years ago).
4. Have a Fall Festival, complete with dunking booth, baking competition, tractor pulls, a quoits competition and kids activities. (I was told that the church does participate in something similar to this, Susquehanna Days, in conjunction with a number of other local churches).
5. A fishing competition, or a shooting competition. Buy a bunch of trout and organize an official church event in the Conoy creek. Promote a target shoot-out, or perhaps a clay pigeon competition. Buy 150 ring-neck pheasants and stock a farm, and have a small game extravaganza.

I'm sure there are many, many other ideas that the church will come up with to reach out, do good works, and share God's love with the people of NW Lancaster County.

Dad and son, having a relaxing time on the Yellow Breaches.

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