Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vision Weekend Results

It's always a bit difficult to fully evaluate the results of a meeting such as we had in June. But here are some things that have happened as a direct result of our time together June 9-13, as well as a couple of decisions related to the overall vision of church planting here.

1. David Vaughn is planning on returning next summer for several weeks, and is seriously considering a 1-2 year commitment to the ministry here after graduating from school, with a special focus on discipling new believers.
2. Joe Martínez is also considering a commitment to the ministry here, and is looking to return for a short trip in September.
3. Roberto Popoca, who attended the first part of our meeting on Saturday, but then had to leave early, called me several days ago and is desirous of starting a Bible study group in Palmas 1, which could perhaps grow into a church plant in that neighborhood. Palmas 1 is one of our target communities. Although he is affiliated with a Grace Brethren group, he made it very clear to me that his desire is to plant a Sendero Bible Church with us. He has agreed to congregate with us for the next six months, and then subsequently start a Bible study in Palmas 1, with the goal of seeing a new church formed within a year and a half.
4. Tiffany Taylor committed for another year, after her initial commitment of 1 year in Ixtapaluca. She wants to stick around for at least another year!
5. CAM missionaries Darrol and Kim Prussia and their family continue to consider future ministry in Ixtapaluca, and will be living in the Cottrills house for one month during the Cottrills absence to support the ministry here, with particularly attention given to helping us with a group of 20 young people, coming from their home church in Nebraska August 4-14.
6. Here is a recent quote from the Cottrill’s blog: We would like to give a special welcome to new missionary appointees with CAM International of Canada – Julian and Malu Grymaloski! They were officially recognized this week by the CAM board. We’re hoping to have Julian and Malu here in Ixtapaluca for a one or two year term – they’re mid-term missionaries at this point, although that could certainly change in the future. Julian is Canadian, and Malu Mexican, so they’ll fit into our multicultural team very well!
7. David Gómez plans to depart as a missionary for a 1-2 year commitment in Uruguay. We will have an opportunity to support our first missionary from our Sendero churches.
8. Jessica Nixon is trying to decide whether to commit to Honduras or Mexico!

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