Monday, July 04, 2011


Yesterday was a very special church service. It was special because so many people participated in it, and we were able to perceive in a special way God's power and love working in and through our church body.

Every 6 weeks or so, we forego the weekly Sunday sermon, and invite people to share their testimony, or perhaps a song or a scripture reading. These are some of my favorite Sundays, actually. Instead of just hearing one sermon, we hear 5-10 mini-sermons!

Fabian was the first to speak. He related how through the illness and eventual death of his father, God spoke to him about his relationship with God, and he became quite committed to a local church near where he lives, becoming involved in the worship group and supporting the pastor. Through a series of events, he decided to leave this church (largely because of the pastor's poor testimony), and eventually found our church.

Graciela, a 15 year old young lady, and saved for a couple of months, gave her testimony next. She related, through tears, how her parents had fought continually when she was younger, and that she was so glad that her mother had found the Lord. Both her parents were listening, and her mother was also crying. After her testimony, we all gathered around this family that is just beginning to discover the wonderful changes that God can do in a life and in a family, and several of us prayed for them. It was a very special time. During the prayer, Cari Beeninga, a lady from our church in PA, Word of Life Chapel, was able to support the mother, Carmen, without words, something that was very meaningful to both of them.

Towards the end of the service, Joseline related her impacting testimony. She also came to the Lord after a very difficult time in her life, an accident that totaled her car and could have easily been fatal. She related how God has also been there, but she had been blinded to His love, until finally she understood. Both Graciela and Joseline were baptized about two weeks ago.

It is an exciting and extremely encouraging time to be with new believers to are eager and desirous of sharing the love that they have experienced from God with others!

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