Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tostadas and Blue Bell Icecream

Yesterday we hosted the two families of 4, (Velazquez and Beenenga) plus interns and loose change yesterday, with tostada de tinga and picadillo, and a special treat--Blue Bell Icecream (due to it being on serious discount at Walmart)! A full house!

Community Center activities continued yesterday, and the rain held off until later. About 12 ladies continued to knit up a storm, about 20 people in ESL, and around 15 in self-defense class. Bill Beenenga helped Dylan as his guinea pig.

New visitors are learning the ropes with public transportation, too. See pic below. Daniel is getting to know Henry, and will have at least one good friend for his week at Harvey Cedars later on this summer.

The night ended early this morning after a movie and 4 games of Dominion, of which I regrettably only won 2 (what is going on!!).

In other news...thanks to very generous parents, we're going to PA for two weeks this August! Just got the tickets today.

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